Month: May 2020

Route 30 Emergency Slide Remediation – AWARD WINNER!

Golden Triangle Construction was the contractor on this Emergency job in 2018. For the reconstruction of SR30 which included construction of a 400 LF solider pile retaining wall with tiebacks, 35,000 CY of excavation, 30,000 CY of rock embankment, 15,000 of soil embankment, and reconstruction of the roadway.   The schedule required working 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.

The project has been selected to receive a National Award from the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists as their Outstanding Environmental and Engineering Geologic Project, nominated by their Greater Pittsburgh Chapter.  More about the award can be found here 

U.S. Route 30 is a major east–west, coast-to-coast highway. The roadway is the third longest U.S. highway, extending 3,073 miles across the northern tier of the U.S. from Atlantic City, New Jersey, to Salt Lake City, Utah. The portion of Route 30 extending through Pennsylvania is perhaps the most famous of all the U.S. highways, the Lincoln Highway, known as one of the earliest transcontinental highway routes for automobiles across the U.S. Today, the route stretches between two major cities of the Commonwealth, east from Philadelphia west to Pittsburgh.
On April 6, 2018, on a four-lane stretch of the Lincoln Highway located in East Pittsburgh Borough, Allegheny County, engineers from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and Gannett Fleming were investigating a troubled section of Route 30. The roadway, a principal artery between the suburbs and downtown Pittsburgh, was experiencing surface displacement problems.
The investigation revealed much more than expected. The team detected a crack in a retaining wall near the base of the slope below the highway, as well as signs that the retaining wall was beginning to shift—evidence that accelerating surface movements identified at the roadway grade, may be the result of underlying slope movement. Recognizing imminent danger, the team alerted police to evacuate a residential community at the base of the slope.
Within hours and shortly before daybreak on April 7, a landslide sent 300 feet of roadway and thousands of tons of soil plummeting 90 feet down the steep hillside, destroying a home and two apartment buildings.”

Route 30 Slide: Before and After


Airport authority awards Arnold Palmer taxiway project…

“Golden Triangle Construction has begun work on actual widening of the Arnold Palmer runway, from 100 feet to 150 feet, which should make it easier for pilots to land during inclement weather.”

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