PA turnpike Southern Beltway – 55C1-1 Section

Steel girder erectionfor the 55C1-1 section of the PA turnpike Southern Beltway. The dual, 4-span structures consist of 72 individual steel sections which are field spliced to create the 1015’ continuous composite bridges over SR 50 and Millers Run Road. Golden Triangle is the structures subcontractor for Beaver Excavating on this section.


SR576 Section 54ABC Cashless Tolling

Owner: Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
Value: 5.2 million
Completion: 2018
Scope of Project: The construction of the first cashless tolling system on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission roadway system.  Project scope included the construction of a service building with architectural treatment, drilled caisson foundations, installation of precast concrete columns with architectural treatment and the installation of steel gantry structures.  Work also included roadway reconstruction, drainage improvements, sign installation, precast white barrier and guide rail installation along with the application of pavement markings.

SR576 Section C1-1

Project:  SR576 Section C1-1
Owner:  Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
Value:  39 Million
Completion:  2019
Scope of Project:  As a subcontractor, Golden Triangle is constructing dual mainline bridges approximately 1,000 LF in length each, a connector bridge from SR50 that is over 800 LF and a dual span overpass bridge as part of the new Turnpike construction between SR22 and SR79

SR30 Emergency Slide Remediation

Project:   SR30 Emergency Slide Remediation East Pittsburgh        
Owner:  Pennsylvania Department of Transportation        
Value:  6.5 Million
Completion:  2018
Scope of Project:  For the reconstruction of SR30 which included construction of a 400 LF solider pile retaining wall with tiebacks, 35,000 CY of excavation, 30,000 CY of rock embankment, 15,000 of soil embankment, and reconstruction of the roadway.   The schedule required working 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.

Bentleyville Interchange

Project:  Bentleyville Interchange
Owner:  Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Value:  67 Million
Completion:  2018
Scope of Project:  The complete reconstruction of the Bentleyville Interchange on SR70 which included construction of 2 bridge structures, extensions of 2 box culverts, and construction of a soundwall.

SR70/79 Interchange South Junction

Project:  SR70/79 Interchange South Junction
Owner:  Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Value:  35 Million
Completion:  2015
Scope of Project:     As part of the reconstruction of the south junction a 1,140’ flyover bridge was constructed, 2 2-span bridges, a redesigned culvert for the 79 Southbound Ramp, and several small box culvert extensions were constructed.

Veterans Memorial Bridge

Project:  Veterans Memorial Bridge           
Owner:  Beaver County
Value:  22 Million
Completion:  2014
Scope of Project:  The project included construction of a 600’ bridge over the Beaver, a 3 span railroad bridge, and a design build solider pile retaining wall.