SR576 Section C1-1

Project:  SR576 Section C1-1
Owner:  Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
Value:  39 Million
Completion:  2019
Scope of Project:  As a subcontractor, Golden Triangle is constructing dual mainline bridges approximately 1,000 LF in length each, a connector bridge from SR50 that is over 800 LF and a dual span overpass bridge as part of the new Turnpike construction between SR22 and SR79

SR30 Emergency Slide Remediation

Project:   SR30 Emergency Slide Remediation East Pittsburgh        
Owner:  Pennsylvania Department of Transportation        
Value:  6.5 Million
Completion:  2018
Scope of Project:  For the reconstruction of SR30 which included construction of a 400 LF solider pile retaining wall with tiebacks, 35,000 CY of excavation, 30,000 CY of rock embankment, 15,000 of soil embankment, and reconstruction of the roadway.   The schedule required working 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.

Bentleyville Interchange

Project:  Bentleyville Interchange
Owner:  Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Value:  67 Million
Completion:  2018
Scope of Project:  The complete reconstruction of the Bentleyville Interchange on SR70 which included construction of 2 bridge structures, extensions of 2 box culverts, and construction of a soundwall.

SR70/79 Interchange South Junction

Project:  SR70/79 Interchange South Junction
Owner:  Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Value:  35 Million
Completion:  2015
Scope of Project:     As part of the reconstruction of the south junction a 1,140’ flyover bridge was constructed, 2 2-span bridges, a redesigned culvert for the 79 Southbound Ramp, and several small box culvert extensions were constructed.

Veterans Memorial Bridge

Project:  Veterans Memorial Bridge           
Owner:  Beaver County
Value:  22 Million
Completion:  2014
Scope of Project:  The project included construction of a 600’ bridge over the Beaver, a 3 span railroad bridge, and a design build solider pile retaining wall.